What do I need to start tufting?

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Tufting? You've always wanted to try! But what equipment to buy, which gun to use? Don't panic, this article is for you. We will guide you so that you can easily start carrying out your creative projects.

Tufting gun / Tufting machine.

First of all, to practice Tufting as its name suggests, you will need to equip yourself with a “ tufting gun ” more commonly called a “ tufting machine ”. Depending on the desired result, will you be more CUT pistol or LOOP pistol

Indeed, there is a difference between these two models: the finish

The tufting gun CUT (cut)

Tufting gun CUT

For the CUT tufting gun , the tufting gun will give a cut result, that is to say that the device will cut the wool thread straight. You can generally adjust the length of the wire between 7 and 20 mm on the tufting gun. Each time you press the trigger, the wool thread will cut, this will allow you to speed up the creation of rugs.

The tufting gun LOOP (loop)

Tufting gun loop

On the LOOP tufting gun side, the tufting gun will render in the form of a loop. This technique takes longer, but the result is of course worth it! When using a LOOP tufting gun, you will need to manually cut the thread with your scissors when you have completed an area.

Tufting thread

Tufting wool

If you are new to tufting, we advise you to start practicing with balls of acrylic yarn , they are more affordable and you will be able to carry out your tests in complete peace of mind without worrying about your wallet. However, note that the higher the quality of your yarn, the more viable your productions will be over time.

It is recommended to use 2 strands of thread at the same time in your machine if you want optimal results.

There are many types of wire and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic yarns are resistant to dirt, mildew, moths and fading. Acrylic is more affordable than wool and comes in a wide range of colors. Unfortunately, it tends to pill and come loose and therefore holds the fabric less well. Therefore choose to make acrylic creations if you plan to place them in your own interior and not outside in a garden for example.

Wool is considered a “premium” fiber because wool creations last longer. The wool comes in a single long ribbon (fishnet style) that stretches to be knitted. If you need to make a rug for someone else or plan to sell it, we recommend using wool.

The fabric

Without adequate fabric, you will not work in the best conditions, so head to fabrics to explain the importance of one of the essential elements to the practice of tufting.

White tufting fabric with yellow line

After having touched different qualities, tested numerous techniques on more or less rigid supports, we offer you our own tufting fabric . This canvas woven from dense thread is strong and difficult to break, you can let your imagination run wild without any inconvenience. We offer two premium polyester fabrics in white and gray which will not tear thanks to their thickness and the quality of their weaving.

Finally, you will need a finishing fabric to protect and finish your tufting creations professionally. There are several ways to do this depending on what your rug will become (wall piece, floor rug, clothing). The finish of your creation is important because perhaps it is intended for sale or as a gift? If so, it’s best to be prepared for these eventualities!

Premium finish fabric

You can use a glue gun, spray glue, or carpet covering glue to adhere your finishing fabric. Finally, finish with a binding tape to hide the “unclean” ends and protect everything.

Tufting finishing tape

The tufting frame

Tufting frame

In your tufting practice, you will also need to make a frame to stretch the fabric over it. On letufting.fr, you can buy pre-studded bars (gripper) which will accommodate the white or gray premium fabric.


Patex glue for tufting


Soudal tufting glue
Axton tufting glue

There are different types of glue to finish your carpets, we recommend acrylic polymer or synthetic rubber glue which is the most effective for us. This is just a suggestion based on our experience and what we have tested but there are other solutions that might work just fine. We encourage you to test yours and share them with us on our Instagram.

That being said, here are other types of glue that you can find in most DIY stores like Leroy Merlin or Weldom as “coating glue” or “Colle Soudal”.

Latex glue: Latex is traditionally used to hold the wire in place. The biggest problem with latex is that it breaks down and crumbles over time. It is important to use high quality latex to slow or prevent its decomposition.

Polyvinyl acetate: PVA glue is cheap, easy to obtain, and non-toxic (you may be familiar with Elmer's glue). It can be used for wall pieces and cushions. Note that the result will be more rigid.

Acrylic polymer glue - synthetic rubber: Acrylic polymers are used in the upholstery industry. The advantage of synthetic rubber is that it adheres very well and does not degrade over time like its natural counterpart.

Last tip, if you plan to create a rug, buy more glue! Small boxes are not enough, we often consume more than we think.

Other things you may need…

Here is a small, exhaustive list of other equipment you will need:

  • A permanent marker for drawing on fabric
  • A thread cutter or sewing scissors, to cut the threads that protrude on the work
  • A mower , to mow your carpet when it is finished evenly
  • A spatula to apply the glue
  • A glue gun or aerosol glue to glue the finishing fabric
  • An overhead projector if you want to project your image/drawing for a professional result
  • Oil specially designed for tufting gun maintenance
  • A wool threader , essential material for inserting your thread into your tufting gun

With all these elements, we hope that this guide can give you the main keys to carrying out your personal and professional projects.

Where to find the products ?

All the products necessary for the practice of tufting are available for sale on our tufting store .

So now, on your marks, tuft!


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