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Tufting yarn is undoubtedly the essential element to have. It is thanks to him that your projects come to life. Without it, no tufted creations. It will allow you to let all your creativity express itself. Both in terms of colors, shapes and patterns. So let your desires do the talking, from the simplest to the most extravagant.

Which tufting yarn to choose?

The choice of thread will mainly depend on your expectations. Want to make a rug? Opt for a wool tufting yarn that will withstand repeated passages. The model we offer was made in New Zealand and is not afraid of water or stains. It is the most popular wool yarn for making rugs.

If you want to make wall creations to showcase your artistic talents, prefer an acrylic yarn. It is also the ideal yarn for beginners. It will allow you to improve your skills without spending too much.

How do you get the most out of your tufting yarn?

To work quickly and efficiently, nothing beats using a quality professional tool like a tufting gun . It will offer you an exceptional saving of time as well as an incomparable rendering. Other accessories will allow you to make the most of your tufting yarns: scissors. Whether they are called wire cutters or pelican, they will allow you to maintain a clean and neat work, thanks to their high cutting precision. End of superfluous threads, loops nothing stops them.

Whether 100% wool or 100% acrylic, we offer high quality yarns in a wide range of colors. Delivered mounted on a cone, they will allow you to work immediately and without hassle. And if you have balls, consider winding them using a manual winder .