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High quality professional tools, the tufting clippers will allow you to carry out tufted projects with an exceptional finish. Easy to use, discover our selection and order the most suitable tufting mower now!

Why use a tufting trimmer?

The tufting trimmer is used in the final phase, once your project has been tufted. Its use is mainly made with CUT creations, that is to say with cut rendering. The use of a clipper will reveal the full potential of your work, accentuating its many details. The lines, as well as the colors will be better defined. Your creation will only be clearer and more precise.

How to properly use a tufting trimmer?

Tufting trimmers have sharp blades and a powerful motor with adjustable speed; also, to use them safely, it is important to follow certain recommendations. Only use it for tufted creations. After each use, remove the thread fibers from the blades. And to extend the life of your tool, remember, each time you use it, to lubricate the blades with the specific oil delivered with your mower. By preventing corrosion, operation will be better, smoother and smoother.

Beginners: do you really need a mower?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the tufting trimmer will have a real use: improving the quality of your tufted projects. If you are a novice, in order to keep a homogeneous mowing, but also to control the height of cut, the mower guides will be your best allies. Thanks to a fixing system, your mower is firmly fixed throughout this stage. Crafted in clear acrylic, the clipper guides allow you to see the rendering in real time.