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For your tufted projects, we offer different types of professional quality fabrics. Two main categories of fabrics exist: primary fabrics and secondary tufting fabrics. Complementary, they are essential for your tufted projects.

The different types of fabric for tufting

Tufting is a technique of tufting yarn, in wool or acrylic , through a base fabric stretched over a frame. This fabric is called primary fabric for tufting, monk fabric or monk cloth. To tuft you will most often use a tufting gun . The importance of the primary tissue is therefore considerable. Impossible to create without it. The premium tufting fabric is available in white or gray colors and is made from polyester. The white tufting fabric with yellow lines spaced every 5 cm is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. Flexible and robust, they are intended to withstand the pressure of the tufting gun. Well thought out, they have a marking that serves as a reference when you create patterns or designs.

The different types of finishing fabric

Finishing fabrics are so-called secondary fabrics. They intervene once your creation is finished and have a double role. On the one hand they improve the aesthetics of your project, and on the other they extend its life. Whether made from a blend of cotton and polyester, or 100% premium cotton, finishing fabrics are placed on the back of your work and will be used to:

  • Hide the threads behind the base fabric;
  • Strengthen your work and therefore extend its lifespan;
  • Provide a non-slip effect depending on the model selected.

Now all you have to do is make your choice!