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Among the elements necessary for the practice of tufting there are: the tufting guns, the primary fabrics, the finishing fabrics, the yarn, but also the frame. The latter is also an absolutely necessary element without which your tufted project could not see the light of day.

What is a tufting wood frame used for?

In tufting, wooden frames are used to keep the primary fabric or monk cloth on which the tufted yarn is taut and in place. Frames are usually made of sturdy wood, such as oak or beech. This material will easily withstand the pressure exerted by the tufting gun . To meet the needs of everyone, from novice to expert, different frame sizes exist. Beginners will start with small frames, 70 cm x 70 cm, in order to perfect their technique, but also to save time and energy for the finishing stage. The more you gain in expertise, the more it will be possible to move towards larger wooden frames, in order to let all your creative potential express itself.

What is your tufting wood frame made of?

Wooden frames are usually sold as a kit, to save space. They can be assembled and disassembled very easily once you no longer need them. A classic kit generally consists of the wooden frame, grippers and a complete set of screws, washers and allen key. Detailed instructions will have you assembling it in minutes. To further optimize your workspace, secure it to a stable support such as a table, using clamps. All you have to do is place your base fabric taut, and start making your unique project!