What is a LOOP tufting gun?

The AK-II LOOP tufting gun is the dream tufting gun for great beginners. It will allow you to create LOOP creations with a professional rendering. The designation LOOP is due to the fact that unlike a CUT tufting gun , here the yarn is not cut. Left as it is during tufting, it creates a loop on the surface for a very textured finish. Rugs, cushion covers, your only limit is your imagination.

What are the advantages of the LOOP tufting gun compared to the Punch Needle?

Whether you use an AK-II LOOP tufting gun or a Punch Needle accessory, the result will be the same: obtaining textured details. But unlike the Punch Needle which is a small manual accessory, the LOOP tufting gun is an electric machine. This tufting gun will allow you to work faster and especially on larger areas. Its ergonomic handle and light weight will allow you to create for hours. Large-scale projects are yours!

How to properly use and maintain your tufting gun?

Buying this tufting gun gives you access to complete online documentation. You will find various tips, advice and tutorials to get started in the world of tufting, adjust your machine as well as possible or clean your tufting gun effectively.

Understand :

  • A note in French
  • A set of spare parts
  • A 6-month commercial warranty
  • One EU plug
  • Online access to help center

Features :

  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Speed ​​adjustable from 5 to 43 stitches per second
  • Pile height: Adjustable, from 4 to 13 mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Universal voltage 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 H

Warning: Tufting guns are professional tools equipped with a needle and/or scissors moving at high speed. Please use your tufting gun responsibly and keep it out of the reach of children.