Why use tufting finishing tape?

Want to effectively reinforce the edges of your tufted carpets? Bet on the finishing ribbons in cotton twill canvas. By preventing the corners of your creations from fraying, they durably extend their life.

Compatible with finishing fabrics basic and premium quality, they are easy to fix, for a  rendered professional and neat.

What is the composition of the finishing tape?

Made from 100% cotton twill canvas, this tufting finishing tape is available in two different designs and colours: black and white. You will also have the choice of several thicknesses.

NB: the cotton twill ribbon for tufted projects is sold by the meter unit. When placing your order, enter 1 for 1 meter, 2 for 2 meters, etc.

Features :

  • 100% cotton twill canvas
  • Minimum thickness: 4 cm
  • Colors available: black, white