Which tufting fabric to choose for your tufted projects?

Quel tissu de tufting choisir pour vos projets touffetés ? - LeTufting

Do you want to get started with tufted creations, but you don't know which fabric to use? Little imports the final rendering, CUT or LOOP , the choice of tufting fabric is decisive to obtain an optimal result. Two categories of fabric exist: the primary fabrics, to stretch on your canvas, and the secondary fabrics, to stick to the back of your creations.

The primary tufting fabric

The primary tufting fabric, also called Monk Cloth or fabric of monk, is a fabric to stretch on your canvas. It is on him that you will insert your threads. Soft and resistant, it is designed to support without tearing, the passage of your tufting gun .

primary tufting fabric sample

Premium white or gray tufting fabric

In this category of primary fabrics you will find premium tufting fabric, gray or white. 100% polyester, it has marking lines every 50 cm, which will facilitate its positioning and cutting. Create some patterns is also easier. Its great resistance makes it the ideal fabric for large creations. Malleable, it don't mark. Was it the wrong color? Remove the wire strands with tweezers, run your finger through, the frame is back in place!

White tufting fabric with yellow lines

THE White tufting fabric with yellow lines is another primary fabric. Made from a mixture made of cotton and polyester, it has yellow lines woven every 5 cm. Available in different dimensions, it has been designed to meet everyone's creative needs. It is ideal for beginners to to acquire technique. Less expensive than premium fabric, it is perfect for small budgets! Use it for small and medium tufted projects.


Some see it as an alternative, we advise against this choice. Offering no flexibility, it tears easily. If you really have to use it, do it for small projects!

Secondary tufting fabric

Secondary tufting fabric, also called finishing fabric or backing fabric, sticks to the back of your tufted projects once completed. Their goal: to protect while having a professional appearance.

finishing tufting fabric sample

Non-slip finishing tufting fabric

The finishing fabric non-slip is made of non-animal felt. It has silicone nubs which provide an aesthetic finish, while preventing your carpet from slipping. This fabric attaches to the back of your work to using glue dots. Thanks to its locked edges, no thread protrudes, no need to add tape of fixation. It's enough on its own!

Classic and premium finishing fabrics

There are also finishing fabrics in classic or premium versions. Made from cotton, their woven appearance gives a clean and neat result. It is ideal for floor and wall creations. If the quality is obviously at appointment, the premium tufting fabric, finer, will offer an even more qualitative result.

Turning to suitable tufting fabrics will improve your feeling, but also the final result. You will not have just one desire: start another project as quickly as possible!


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