The difference between CUT and LOOP

La différence entre CUT et LOOP - LeTufting

Today we are going to explain the difference between the CUT tufting gun and the LOOP tufting gun .
To start tufting, you need to choose your tufting gun . The difference between the CUT model and the LOOP model lies in the finish you want to obtain on your creations.

Render cut

CUT finish

Loop tufting rendering

LOOP finish

The CUT tufting gun aka AK-I

The tufting gun CUT has scissors which will cut the wool thread to make the tufted side on the other side of the fabric each time you press the trigger. It is also the most common style of rug, with a fairly hairy feel, the result is a straight grain. You can generally adjust the length of the string between 7 and 20 mm on tufting guns .

Please note, rugs made with the CUT technique are more fragile ! They are therefore more suitable for surfaces where you are not going to make too many trips, avoid corridors for example, but they will be perfect in a living room or in a bedroom.

Paolo workshop tufting rug
Paolo zoom workshop rug
Clotilde tufting rug
Clotilde zoom tufting rug

The LOOP tufting gun aka AK-II

The LOOP gun does not have scissors and will only make loops on the other side of your canvas. Unlike the CUT gun, each time you want to remove the tufting gun from your canvas, you will have to cut the thread manually with scissors.

If your design has a lot of details, this is the right choice, because the LOOP tufting gun keeps the threads on the surface of the carpet, the thread is attached to the tufting gun so that it can continue the loop. It will take a little more time, but the result is worth it. Loop pile rugs are durable and can go anywhere in your home!

To summarize, cut pile is simply loops of carpet that have been cut, while loop pile is loops that remain in their natural state.

Loop tufting rug
Tufted carpet
Adam tufted rug Adam zoom tufting rug

So now what will you choose? CUT or LOOP?
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