LeTufting Help Center: how to use the online help?

Help Center LeTufting : comment utiliser l’aide en ligne ? - LeTufting

Whether you are an expert or a novice, caring support is always appreciated to help you progress in your tufting practice. Maybe you need some tips on how to properly stretch your monk's cloth, to choose the best tufting gun , or to know the steps to finalize a tufted carpet? No matter your problem, our Tufting Help Center will provide you with the complete documentation necessary to better understand it !

What is the purpose of the Tufting Help Center?

screenshot from tufting video screenshot of a tufting tutorial

Created by passionate artists who have been practicing tufting for several years, our help center is the first online platform 100% in French dedicated to tufted creations. The LeTufting Help Center is built around three essential themes to allow you to get started in the best conditions. Thanks to detailed documentation and high-quality video tutorials, you will be able to erase all your questions. Introduction to tufting, making a carpet, but also technical fundamentals, you will you will improve step by step. What type of fabric is most suitable , how to stretch the canvas correctly or how cleaning your tufting gun , these are all questions to which you will find the answer!

Who can access the help center?

The Tufting Help Center is accessible from the home page of our online store or from the address following: Help Center. Our platform is intended for tufters and tufters of all levels. Whether you are a novice fan of the CUT technique or a LOOP enthusiast, this space is made for you. Many articles can be consulted by everyone, however, navigation in its entirety is strictly reserved for subscribers. In as a privileged member, you have exclusive access to all online manuals. How to switch from mode CUT to LOOP mode? How to change the scissors of your tufting gun ? YOU would like to become a member? Nothing's easier ! When purchasing a tufting gun and as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a personal identifier as well as a password which will allow you full access to this database knowledge.

How to use the Tufting Help Center?

The online tufting help platform offers a very pleasant journey. From the main page it is possible to access the documentation. Depending on your status, subscriber or visitor, you will be able to consult all or part of the online manuals. Clear titles will allow you to easily identify what that interests you. If you have a very specific problem facing you, opt for word search instead. THE. On the program: introduction to tufting, making a carpet or even knowledge of the fundamentals techniques. A wealth of information!

Despite all the care taken, you may not have found the exact answer to your problem. Do not panic ! The Letufting Help Center is a place of exchange which aims to be supplied regularly. Ask us your question in comments at the bottom of the article or directly by email! Our team will be happy to come back to you within a maximum of 72 hours. We could even devote an article to it.


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