What accessories are essential for tufting?

With your tufting gun, it is necessary to bring several accessories. When you're starting out, being well equipped is essential. As the creations, we realize the importance of certain accessories, sometimes wondering how we managed without them. In this article, we take stock of the additional accessories essential for your workshop. If you are a beginner and are looking for the complete list of materials to start tufting, you can refer to the article: What do I need to start tufting

1. Wool threader

Tufting needle threader needle threader tutorial for tufting gun

The wool threader , sometimes called a needle threader, is a small tool intended to facilitate threading thread through the eye of your tufting gun. Without it, inserting the wire can seem like mission impossible.

How to use a wool threader?

Hold the wool threader so that you insert it through the eyelet of your tufting gun from the bottom while going up, until the tufting whirlpool gun. Then place the thread in the needle threader and gently pull to pass it through the swirl and eyelet of your tufting machine. You are now ready to tuft.

2. Manual winder

manual winder for tufting with white ball

The manual winder is important if you use balls; she you allows you to transform them into reels. Indeed, your tufting gun requires smooth and rapid thread unwinding. However, a simple ball can create tension, slow down the process and even cause the thread from your tufting gun. Thanks to a winder, you will not have interruptions due to tension or wire breakage problems.

How to use a wool winder?

  • Attach it to the edge of a table.
  • Pass the thread through the thread guide, then secure it in the notches.
  • Turn the handle to activate the winder, ensuring uniform distribution of the thread on the spool.

3. Pelican scissors

Hand holding a pair of pelican scissors on a tufting canvas

These scissors pelican , featuring a curved blade, are designed to provide a clean and precise cut. They are perfect for tufting finishes, allowing you to cut unnecessary threads or adjust the length of strands.

Why use a pair of pelican scissors?

  • They allow you to cut between each line of colors to specify the shapes of your creation.
  • Its use is quick and efficient.

How to use pelican scissors?

After inserting the wires into the canvas, it is common to have strands of thread that stick out or are not of uniform length. In using the pelican scissors, make sure the curved blade is the as close as possible to the canvas. This will ensure a clean finish and uniform appearance of your carpet, without risking damage to neighboring strands or the canvas, especially when changing colors.

4. Clipper guide

This accessory, to which the mower is attached, will guarantee you mowing uniformity of your carpet. It also protects against possible accidents, like holes on your creation, for example.

Why and how to use a clipper guide?

  • It ensures a consistent cut and prevents errors.
  • Attach the mower to the guide, turn it on, then mow slowly for a uniform finish.

5. Thread cutting scissors

The scissors wire cutters are small, sharp tools, designed specifically for cutting wires with precision. They reveal themselves particularly useful in the context of tufting, whether for eliminate unnecessary threads that protrude from your work or for need to cut the thread on the tufting gun at each end of the line, especially in loop mode.

To conclude, starting out in the art of tufting is an experience satisfactory, but like any profession, it requires the right tools to fully master your practice. With these accessories by your side, you will have all the keys to creating quality works, while optimizing your comfort and efficiency. So, prepare yourself, equip yourself and give free rein to your creativity !


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