How do I clean and lubricate my tufting gun?

Comment nettoyer et lubrifier mon tufting gun? - LeTufting

The tufting gun is an electric machine that needs to be oiled and cleaned as often as possible. Otherwise, your tufting gun may overheat and cause the engine to stop. In this article, we will help you properly maintain your tufting gun.

Care and maintenance

Lubrication of the tufting gun may seem unimportant to some, however the absence of lubrication of your machine could reduce its life expectancy.

For this, you will need two accessories:

  • A paintbrush or brush head
  • Lubricating oil

Where should I apply oil on my tufting gun?

First of all, make sure to turn off your machine before carrying out the maintenance steps.

The first step to take to maintain your tufting machine is to remove excess wool fibers using a paintbrush or fine brush. We invite you to perform this step each time you use your device. Otherwise, the excess fiber will stagnate in the workings of the tufting gun and will end up damaging the engine.

The second step consists of lubricating your tufting gun with lubricating oil that you can find in any store. We advise you to use 3 in 1 multipurpose oil or even transparent and painless oil. You should lubricate your tufting gun at least twice a month and more depending on usage.

You can finally turn on your machine and press the trigger, this will spread the oil evenly.

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