How to learn the tufting technique?

Comment apprendre la technique du tufting ? - LeTufting

Are you interested in this artisanal weaving technique, but you don't really know where to start? Do not panic ! By following our guide, you will master the tufting technique in a safe and above all qualitative manner. Through tutorials given by professional and passionate artists, you will be able to create unique and beautiful tufted rugs in the best conditions.

Help Center LeTufting: master the fundamentals of the tufting technique

The LeTufting Help-center is the first French online documentation dedicated to tufting. She offers many tips for beginners, but also experienced tufters. On the program: advice for choosing wool, instructions for building your frame, but also video tutorials for making adjustments to your tufting gun in complete safety. This documentation is intended for customers who have purchased a tufting gun on However, certain information is accessible without prior identification.

Low angle view of a person handling a tufting gun

Become an expert in tufting thanks to Atelier Paolo's online training

Perfect your tufting technique by following Domestika’s online course “ Tufting Technique for Rug Creation ”. This online training, produced by Atelier Paolo alias Guillaume Neves, offers a series of video modules. They will allow you to:

  • Discover the necessary equipment;
  • Learn to use the tufting gun ;
  • Design your ideal rug;
  • Follow the manufacturing steps.

The courses are available in French and subtitled in 8 languages. You have unlimited access and a forum to ask your questions. With 11,807 students and 99% positive reviews, it is a convincing guarantee of quality.

Tufting technique: advice and tips with the artist Clotilde Puy

Clotilde Puy is a textile artist specializing in tufting. Talented, she makes cushions, rugs, mirrors and wall decorations herself. Its goal ? Promote craftsmanship and made in France. On her TikTok account, you will discover hundreds of videos in which she shares her artistic universe, her projects and her advice for starting and mastering the tufting technique.

Get started with tufting by participating in a face-to-face workshop

If you prefer to learn in person, you can attend a tufting workshop led by experienced artists. This is a good option for people who do not want to immediately invest in purchasing the necessary equipment. Indeed, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the tufting technique in a quality professional setting and ask your questions live.

Interior of a tufting workshop with tufted projects in progress

The essential books to master the tufting technique

Books can be a great way to learn at your own pace and refer to them at any time. They will give you an in-depth understanding of the tufting technique, basic steps of the tufting process, creating various designs and shapes. They are designed for beginners as well as people experienced in the tufting technique. If you want to learn more about the tufting technique, here are several books that might interest you.

There are resources available for those who want to master the technique of tufting. Whether you prefer to learn online, in person, or from books, there is an option for everyone. Don't forget to check out our LeTufting Help Center for helpful tips and tricks.

By arming yourself with knowledge and practicing regularly, you will soon be able to create your own tufted works of art. Please feel free to share your creations and learning experiences with the online tufting community, and encourage others to embark on this creative adventure.

Good luck on your tufting learning journey!


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