What is an acrylic tufting mirror used for?

Our Plexiglas mirror is the ideal accessory to bring a touch of originality to your tufted creations. Made of thick acrylic, 2/3 mm, it is nonetheless light. It is particularly appreciated for creating mirrors tufted with colored threads various sizes. To meet your needs, it is available in 20 cm x 20 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm formats.

What are the advantages of an acrylic mirror for tufting?

Unlike conventional mineral mirrors, this superior quality acrylic or PMMA mirror is not afraid of falls, even from very high. Its increased resistance also allows it to be less subject to scratches. Over time, its mirror surface remains just as smooth and intact. You will also appreciate its smooth edges, which make it easy to handle and avoid injury. It's the perfect plexi mirror for tufting!

Features :

  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Thickness: 2-3mm
  • Sizes: 20cm x 20cm, weight: 78g or 30cm x 30cm, weight: 250g