Do you want to offer your loved ones the opportunity to start tufting?

Do you want to share the joy of a memorable creative experience? Whether they are beginners or experts, the Le Tufting gift card is the easiest way to please them in all circumstances.

What does the Le Tufting gift card look like?

Our gift card comes in the form of a named physical card. It can be credited with a free amount between €20 and €500. It's the perfect gift to fit any budget. Also customizable, it is possible to insert a unique and thoughtful message.

What is the validity of the gift card?

Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, the Le Tufting gift card allows you to select items from our entire online store that are sure to please. Have it sent directly to the addressee or to your mailbox.

What are the terms of use?

Please note that the Le Tufting gift card cannot be exchanged, reloaded, resold or refunded. In the event of loss, theft or end of validity, it is not possible to credit all or part of the amount to a card or bank account.