tufting gun repair

A problem with your machine?

Does your machine no longer turn on? Doesn't it tuft properly? Is there a rubbing noise on your machine? A part needs to be changed?

We offer a repair and maintenance service for your tufting gun. Our team has technical know-how and comprehensive knowledge of tufting machines.

We have a wide choice of original parts that allow us to intervene quickly on your device.

How it works

Receipt of your request
Upon receipt of the form, our technician will take care of your request and will come back to you if necessary for additional information.
Upon receipt of your machine, our technician will carry out a precise diagnosis of your device and will send you an estimate and a report describing the actions to be taken to repair your device.
When the quote is validated by you, our technician will carry out the repairs on your device. Once the repair has been completed, we will take care of sending your machine to you.

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